7th ECPAT International Assembly and International Summit on Child Protection in Travel and Tourism in Bogota, Columbia

On June 5-7, 2018, 7th ECPAT International Assembly and International Summit on Child Protection in Travel and Tourism were held in Bogota, Columbia, and Ms. Saito and Ms.Yanagihara, a co-representative and a member of steering committee of ECPAT/STOP Japan, participated in them. At ECPAT International Assembly, achievement since previous assembly was shared and plan of ECPAT International in 2018-2021 was approved. ECPAT/STOP Japan shared the recent update below. 

1. Raised fund by crowdfunding and launched the Japanese version of comic which aims to raise awareness about human trafficking in cooperation with another NGO

2. Co-organized exhibition of message written by young female survivor of sexual exploitation

3. Released Japanese version of  “STAY SAFE from Online Sexual Exploitation- A Guide for Young People” published by ECPAT International

4. Co-organized the symposium “Safer Internet Day 2018”

Panel discussion on various themes such as “sexual exploitation of boys” and “Terminology guideline for the protection of children from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse” were held, and challenge and experience were shared by ECPAT members. 

More than 400 people from 25 countries participated in International Summit on Child Protection in Travel and Tourism which was hosted by the government of Columbia. Vice-Minister of tourism was a coordinator through the sessions, and government such as Ministry of Tourism and Police, private sector related to tourism, international organizations such as UNICEF and UNODC, and NGOs shared the initiatives to address sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism with multiple stakeholders and countries. At the end of the summit, high-level officials from Latin America signed the statement to strengthen cooperation to end sexual exploitation of children. For more information, please visit here.

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