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May 23, 2018 (Mainichi Japan)

TOKYO — Two 19-year-old men were arrested on May 23 on suspicion of abducting a teenage girl and sexually assaulting her last year, the Metropolitan Police Department said.

The youths — a host and a vocational school student both living in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward — stand accused of abducting the girl, confining her and having forcible sexual relations with the victim. The identities of the suspects are being withheld under the Juvenile Act.

The suspects admitted to the allegations during questioning, investigators said. “While we were drinking together, we felt like assaulting a girl,” one of the suspects was quoted as telling police.

The suspects allegedly approached the girl on a road in Setagaya Ward at around 5 a.m. on Oct. 2, 2017, covered her mouth and forced her into the home of the host near the scene, police said.

They allegedly bound the girl’s hands and assaulted her for about two hours. The girl managed to escape from the scene and reported the incident to police.

The two 19-year-olds emerged as suspects from security camera footage, according to police.

(Japanese original by Shota Harumashi, City News Department)

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