Tokyo primary school teacher arrested over photos of student changing

February 12, 2022, Mainichi Japan

TOKYO — A 46-year-old teacher at a Tokyo elementary school was arrested on Feb. 12 on suspicion of breaking child pornography laws by keeping photos of his student getting changed on a smartphone.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)’s First Investigation Division arrested the suspect, who lives in the city of Saitama just north of Tokyo, on suspicion of possessing child pornography and violating the child prostitution and child pornography law.

The suspect has reportedly refused to confirm or deny the allegation until his lawyer arrives. A number of photos of other children that he appears to have taken were also found on his phone. The division is investigating on the assumption that he took the images.

The teacher is suspected of having four photos and one video of a young girl getting changed saved on a smartphone kept at his home on Jan. 17, 2022. The girl appears to be one third-grade elementary school student from a class he was homeroom teacher for in around 2018, according to police.

Investigators said the principal of the Tokyo elementary school where the suspect works approached the MPD and said that the suspect had been touching children. Officers found the images on the phone in a search of the teacher’s home. The division is also investigating him on suspicion of committing indecent acts against another minor.

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