Producer of child pornography captured in Peru

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Police in Peru and Spain said Friday they have captured a major producer of child pornography who allegedly posed as a minor on the Internet to “groom” children then blackmail them into sending him pornographic images.

Authorities found photographs and videos of 500 minors on a computer in the 29-year-old suspect’s home in a working class Lima neighborhood, said Jose Martin of the child protection division of Spain’s Technological Investigation Brigade. The children came from countries including Spain, the Ukraine, Peru, Argentina and Chile.

“One of the biggest producers of ‘video grooming’ in the Spanish-speaking world has been captured,” Martin told a news conference in Peru’s capital.

He said Spanish police had investigated Arturo Dodero Tello for 18 months, adding that 14 minors in Spain had denounced alleged blackmail by the Peruvian.

Dodero was arrested on Thursday in a joint operation with Peruvian police.

Peruvian police Gen. Cesar Cortijo said Dodero passed himself off as a minor to build friendships with boys, girls and adolescents.

After gaining their trust, he would guide them in taking photos and videos of themselves in intimate clothing. He would then “blackmail them and force them to take photos or film themselves naked or carrying out horrible acts of bestiality,” Cortijo said.

“We are still investigating the totality of the children involved,” he said.

Those convicted of promoting or selling child pornography face eight year prison sentences in Peru.

November 30, 2013(Mainichi Japan)

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