Police take 13 teen girls into custody for offering men ‘stroll’ services in Tokyo

Thirteen teenage girls were taken into custody and given guidance from police in Tokyo on Dec. 16 for providing dating services to adult customers.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)’s juvenile instruction section took 13 girls between the ages of 15 and 17 into custody near JR Akihabara Station in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward for providing paid dating services called “JK osanpo” or “stroll with high school girls.”

As the MPD has cracked down on shops offering “JK refle” (high school girls reflexology massage), where high school girls offer services such as lying down with adult male customers, many operators of these shops replaced such services with JK stroll operations. As of October this year, police verified 96 JK stroll shops around the station.

Girls under the age of 18 who are out on a date with paying customers have become a police target since Dec. 6 as these services are believed to have become a hotbed of sex crimes. Police arrested a 54-year-old Tokyo man on Dec. 10 over the alleged indecent assault of a teen worker at a JK stroll shop.

According to a survey carried out by the MPD’s juvenile instruction section between October and November, of some 200 dating services these JK stroll shops offered, 85 were dates at karaoke rooms, 78 at casual restaurants and another six reported as outdoor dates. The girls received around 2,500 yen per 30 minutes.

December 18, 2013(Mainichi Japan)

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