More websites cooperated to delete illegal content in ’12

May 3, 2013

Jiji Press

  A police report on Thursday indicated sharp rises in the percentages of website operators who accepted requests to delete illegal and harmful content in 2012.
The delete rate jumped 26.8 percentage points from the previous year to 90.7 percent for illegal content, including child pornography and illegal drug advertisements. The rate surged 30.7 points to 79.7 percent for harmful information, including instructions for manufacturing explosives and growing cannabis.
  The rates bounced back to hit record highs after declining for two straight years through 2011, the National Policy Agency said.
The improvements were largely attributed to developments on 2channel, the largest domestic online anonymous bulletin board site, according to the NPA.
The Metropolitan Police Department raided 2channel-linked places starting in November 2011 on suspicion of neglecting to remove posts on the stimulant drug trade. In December 2012, it sent papers on the founder of 2channel to public prosecutors. The incident attracted public attention, alarming site operators, the NPA said.
  However, 2channel remained relatively uncooperative. As many as 35 percent of all delete requests made in 2011 by the Internet Hotline Center Japan, a police-outsourced body, were directed to 2channel.
On 2channel, the delete rate came to as low as 30 percent in 2012, though this was much higher than the previous year’s 3 percent.

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