Man arrested for allegedly making pornographic video of teenage daughter

July 28, 2017 (Mainichi Japan)

A father in Hyogo Prefecture has been arrested for allegedly making a child pornography video featuring his eldest daughter when she was 13, together with three other suspects, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) announced on July 28.

The four suspects were arrested by the MPD’s youth development division under suspicion of violating the anti-child pornography law. It is thought that the father filmed his eldest daughter over a 5-year-period between the ages of 8 and 13, and sold a pornographic video of her to a company that runs an adult video retail website.

Specifically, the 46-year-old self-employed father stands accused of making his daughter wear a transparent swimsuit in February 2015 at an apartment in Hyogo Prefecture — while she was in the second grade of junior high school — before using the footage to make a pornographic video.

According to the MPD, the father is thought to have made about 5 million yen (about $45,000) for the video. He has reportedly told police that, “I made her do it in order to make ends meet.” Meanwhile, the daughter was quoted as saying, “I put up with (the indecent filming) in order to survive.”

Furthermore, the girl’s mother, 46, is thought to have known about the filming. Consequently, the MPD plans to send papers to prosecutors about the mother as well, alleging that she was also involved in the same crime.

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