Child abuse cases top 100,000 in FY15

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The number of child abuse cases in Japan exceeded 100,000 for the first time in fiscal 2015, hitting a record high for the 25th straight year, a welfare ministry survey showed Thursday.

The number of abuse cases handled by 208 child counseling centers across the country increased by 14,329, or 16.1 percent, from the previous year to 103,260.

The increase came as the number of reports from police about psychological abuse cases, including acts of violence between parents in front of children, grew markedly.

Growing public concern about child abuse and increased awareness of the 189 call system for consultations also pushed up the total figure.

Psychological abuse cases accounted for 47.2 percent of the total. Physical abuse cases stood at 27.7 percent, neglect by parents at 23.7 percent and sexual abuse at 1.5 percent.

By prefecture, Osaka topped the list with 16,581 abuse cases, followed by Kanagawa with 11,595 cases and Tokyo with 9,909 cases.

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