4 teens in Nagoya accused of spreading nude photos of female students online

 (Mainichi Japan)

NAGOYA — The Aichi Prefectural Police sent papers to prosecutors on Oct. 15 on four high school students on suspicion of asking female students to send nude selfies and videos and spreading the images online via Twitter and Line.

The students, three boys and a girl aged between 16 and 17, stand accused of violating the child pornography prohibition act.

According to the police, all the people involved in the case are in the second grade of high school. The four students apparently acted individually and the accused female student was also apparently a victim. Each of them is quoted as saying that it was “fun to freak out their friends at school” and have admitted to the allegations.

Police suspect that a 17-year-old male student initially had a fellow female student send 46 images and four videos of her naked body in April and May. The four students then sent those images to other people by June. In addition, two photographs of the naked upper body of a 16-year-old girl among the accused were sent to third parties.

The male student who initially received the images pretended to be a fictitious person on Twitter and communicated with the two female fellow students and encouraged them to compete to send the nude images of themselves, according to the police.

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